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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Volkswagen Type 3 Memorabilia

Featured Memorabilia : Vintage early 1960’s dealer catalog of the Type3 Volkswagen 1500.
The VW Type3 Notchback is my fav Volkswagen; my dad’s car was a 1963 1500S, I learned how to drive in that Notchback.
A dream come true, of having this wonderful 48pages catalog, extremely grateful to Lito Adrias🙏.
Shot with Notchback diecast sent over by Donald Croxton (aka 65VWNotxhback ) of California, in 2008; when were regulars then at MCCH forum- VW section

Thursday, January 18, 2018

End of the year delight

December, was a seldom out-of-the-country month for my family. This past year (2017) was a first, and we are loving it. Colder weather, but not too harsh; this trip was soooo much fun! Since it's also my birth month and our anniversary with my better-half, the travel was a double celebration, as well.

Travelling also afforded, a venue to take interesting photos of small cars :-) .
It wouldn't be extra fun for this kid-at-heart, if I didn't take such wonderful opportunities, amidst fantastic backdrops!

I brought a much familiar traveling diecast... and another attractive livery VW, for extra delight of this amazing journey.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Warm Winter

I have a bit of dislike about the winter season.
During my stint in the corporate-world grind, the later part of winter was the time of the year, when I'm out of my home country. Usually I'm out attending seminars and trade fairs, during the cold months. My tropical adapted body, was a dismal failure in dealing with anything below 14°C.

This February, saw me facing my 'cold climate' foe once again. Got an invitation from my ever hospitable overseas host, to be back in the Land of the Rising Sun. Reluctant at first, but quickly my bitter taste of cold winters, were replaced by such delightful experiences.

It could be that, I'm not attending a business trade fair, instead was enjoying a car show fair; the Osaka Automesse Car Show! But clearly, the fun was being with my family this winter season, the warmth of love ones made it very enjoyable!

Toting some little cars along, made it even happier :-) and more memorable!

    And a sneak preview of the upcoming spring's cherry blossom, too!

Monday, March 14, 2016


The awareness and appreciation of vintage stuff is ever increasing; as always, old is cool, endlessly! I see a renaissance of connecting with the past and reliving fond memories; such is the case for vintage car and bicycle collecting. Many collectors are going back in time, by owning a piece of nostalgia- of fun times in their youth.
The 80's was a great time to spend your childhood; I can attest to that! It was in 1980, that I put together a 10-speed bicycle, for the first time. It's a time, I always go back, for feel good thoughts of wind-in-your-face freedom.
Thirty five years after (2015), I had a wonderful chance of owning a dream bicycle from that era. It certainly has every evidence, of being used to its fullest: a host of scratches, chipped paint, blemishes here and there. These add a distinct character to this vintage Italian racing bicycle. I have painstakingly cleaned, removed rust, oiled, greased and serviced its Campagnolo parts; but carefully maintaining much of its original finishes. Most of its finishes have beautiful patina: faded logos, well-worn original paint, thinned chrome edges, rubbed alloy; of which shows its history and decades of use. A term fittingly referred to as "Beausage"; beautiful usage!

My 1982 Cinelli Super Corsa

SN# 82179M

And another vintage, un-restored piece: A diecast miniature cycle, with Eddie Merckx
figure. A gift (in 2015) from a Belgian friend :)
In retrospect, I created this custom miniature VW T2 Crew Cab Pickup in March 2008, eight years ago  ( click > original 2008 post ); hoping someday, I'll be having an 80's Cinelli Bicycle to go with it. Dreams do come true!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Back to Back

It is back!
Quite faster than fast!
Champions for the second consecutive year: the VW Polo R WRC and duo of Ogier/Ingrassia re-writes rally history again this 2014.
A rookie in 2013, the Polo R WRC team made a great mark on its maiden foray into the world rally scene. That first attempt is a first for the WRC record, in which a new tandem of driver/co pilot had bagged the championship on a debuting constructors winning rally car! And for the Polo R, the very first WRC car to win its maiden championship in its debut season; its feat forever enshrined in rally history.

The civilian VW Polo is close to my gear-head’s heart: It is a first of firsts. It will go down in my personal car ownership history, as my very first Volkswagen car. It was not an obvious choice for a lot of my countrymen (used to Japanese cars), but somehow I had to own one brand-new, back then. I had great fun with that green 6N model, and as it aged, taught me a great deal about car stuff. With it, I made my maiden attempt in learning basic maintenance and car care. European car parts are quite expensive in this part of the world, so I learned to be smart on repairs. Now, it is not with me anymore. That Polo had been passed on to someone, who has the same passion as I, in taking care of it years back.

Seeing the latest VW Polo in its current winning form, from the WRC, GTI and the other variants, I wonder if there is a second wind of Polo ownership, waiting for me. Weeks back, a VW contact informed me that locally, the 2014-15 VW Polo Hatchback might be launched this upcoming New Year. Will this be the year of ‘back to Polo’ ownership for yours truly? Hmmm….. :)

Meanwhile… a good friend sent me this Norev model of the 2013 VW Polo R WRC champ!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gearhead’s View of Autumn in Japan

We’re back in the land of the rising sun, this time for the autumn season.
Wonderful colors of foliage are a delight to see!

Definitely Japan’s autumn offering is second only to the cherry blossoms spectacle in March.
As a gearhead and enthusiast, travelling also gives me another visual treat – that of cars, diecasts and bicycles.
I’m delighted to be reunited with this VW Golf MK5, the car of our generous host in Otsu. This hot hatch now sporting Audi alloy rims!

The VW Golf is a popular car in Japan. Truth be told, it is a consistent ‘Car of the Year’ winner, and this MK7 (shot in Nagoya) is the current title holder.

Love to see this VW Polo GTi again in Kyoto, same car I photograph last year. Still, ever hot looking after a year of open air, lifted parking!

Wonderful retro scene, the old district of Japan and the Neu-Beetle (photographed in Kyoto).

Now, for the vintage Volkswagen fans, this pristine panel van is uber cool. Spotted near Biwa Lake (the biggest lake in Japan), this VW T2 rolls on polished Porsche Fuchs alloy wheels.

I’m happy to find this mint in box, 1976 vintage F-series Tomica Porsche 911 in Kusatsu! A worthwhile diecast hunt, and a very fortunate discovery. As the shop attendant relayed, that a single person earlier bought a dozen of these vintage Tomicas. Good thing, this 911 isn't his preference – lucky me!

Kyosho released a limited edition 1-64 scale of the Lamborghini Veneno bundled with a pocket book behind the special boxed packaging. Have to get one (Circle K in Otsu), and another for our gearhead host!

Of course I love bicycles and these two caught my fancy. A Volkswagen folding bike (behind is a Pinarello road bike) …

…and an ultra fat tire commuter bike, both in the city of Kyoto.

The other two wheeled varieties, both spotted in Nagoya, are wonderful curiosities!

This autumn travel is a truly satisfying gearhead experience and also the trips to historic temples, the city-scapes…but I wouldn't want to bore my fellow gearheads :) …. should I?