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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Volkswagen Type 3 Memorabilia

Featured Memorabilia : Vintage early 1960’s dealer catalog of the Type3 Volkswagen 1500.
The VW Type3 Notchback is my fav Volkswagen; my dad’s car was a 1963 1500S, I learned how to drive in that Notchback.
A dream come true, of having this wonderful 48pages catalog, extremely grateful to Lito Adrias🙏.
Shot with Notchback diecast sent over by Donald Croxton (aka 65VWNotxhback ) of California, in 2008; when were regulars then at MCCH forum- VW section


Juanh said...

Beautiful catalog of the VW Type 3; These extras are interesting to collect. I'm glad your blog has returned.

komenda said...

Thanks JuanH,
i will update this blog for 2020.
cheer and gracias again