Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I’ll be Damp!

Hooray for the rainy days!
Summer heat has finally dissipated.
Up ahead are showers to cool,
both the Vdubs and enthusiast.
This could be viewed as both,
a good and a bad thing really.

Some would see the wet days ahead,
as an off-season for their machines.
Storage time for those using Vdubs,
as weekend lazy cars or vain pets.
I truly wonder if they put mothballs,
moisture bags, baking soda, charcoal,
inside these pampered cars too.

It’s a totally different perspective,
for those using VWs, day in, day out.
These gallant daily drivers are breeds,
that deserve my highest admiration.
These air-cooled engines don’t like,
being wet and damp with rain-spray.
They seem to catch a ‘machine’ cold.
Keeping them running this season,
is a rite of true bravery and dedication

Most of these vintage running VWs,
aren’t as water-tight as myth suggests.
Water intrusion inside the cabin,
is part of the joys of ownership.
A good cover for the decklid louvers,
upturned can for the distributor cap,
some silicon shot for cracked rubbers,
metal patches for rusted body and pan,
would do the trick ….
….pack a gutter seal tube to be sure.

If you’re ready to go, equip yourself…
with the best accessories for the damp,
soggy and splashing wild season.
A nice fitting blue waterproof shirt,
with a huge white Volkswagen logo,
and extra large picnic-size umbrella,
with those funky antennae balls!
You gotta do it in style,
if things get soaking wet!