Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Lurking unto the pavement….
A bug like no other….
It began to form colonies….
Infesting the whole scene….
The “Ipis” Vrod !!!

Manilaghia’s concept of the Hot Rod Volkswagen would be this roadster of a Bug. Backyard and scratch built Hebmuller with all the right proportion. Take off the fenders and drape it midway black paint….not too shiny, not too flat….like a well worn leather jacket. Slam it really low via rod dropped front axle and outfit all corners with 17” BRMs sporting a red-hot coat. Get it motivated by an American-built SCAT big motor long-block lump. To finish it off, graphics on the side, hand-painted by no other than….the Man himself.

Ipis by Dennis

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Jetta rocks

Finally you’ve met my daily drive. Most probably you’re wondering…. is it a cool ride? Well, it is. Maybe a sort of “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”, kinda cool.
Now if you really want it to rock, I’ll tell you how.
Being an artist myself, I have high regard for individuals with creative minds….and this guy is no exception.
This Volksbuddy goes by the pseudonym, Manilaghia.
If you haven’t seen his digital VW creations, you’re missing a lot. Maybe because you’re so stiff, better try to loosen up and have time to smell the coffee....then check him out. When it comes to avatars, you’ll surely love and recognize his work. If you’re lucky enough, he’ll make you an avatar of your very own VW that rocks…. literally and figuratively.
So here is mine, hot-off-the-press from Manilaghia!

Click image to see“EJ” rockin n rollin

Monday, May 29, 2006

Architect's Daily Drive

A hobby dictates ones lifestyle or is it the other way around. In the case of the automobile hobby, "you are what you drive". In the office, our staff calls me "ECM" and most often "Architect". And this architect, needless to say, likes VWs. Can't seem to stay away from this can say I'm bitten by the bug.... but in a different light. Managing a business and the long drive to-and-fro the office, 6 days a week, orients my choice of car. Add to that is a dose of meeting clients, and a fairly decent business-dressing (as appropriate), all leads to a pragmatic choice too. Currently I daily drive in a U.S. Version 1992 VW Jetta 2 with auto-box. This is my executive express. A car in which I can enjoy my hobby conveniently everyday and even a simple ride is always a joy. That is to me, the best part of this VW lifestyle, one that you experience daily. Enjoy your VW everyday guys!

"The journey of a thousand sMILES, begins with a Volkswagen" - ECM

Executive Jet a.k.a. “EJ”

And one more other rides are VWs too!

Some Jetta trivia;
- Jetta was born out of the request of the Marketing guys at VW of America.
- These guys noted that, Americans prefer sedans than hatchbacks (VW Rabbit).
- Early model was basically a Rabbit (U.S. version Golf1) with a trunk, penned by Guigaro.
- The Rabbit with “the trunk”, in car design is referred to as a “Notchback”
- VW notchback designs include the Type 3 Notch, K70 and Jetta.
- The Jetta 2 is the longest series and most successful; marketed from 1984 to 1992.
- Jetta 2 earned the title, the best selling European car in the U.S.A.
- The 1997 Volvo design resembles that of the 1992 Jetta2, and is viewed as a compliment.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hot Rod Bug

When you talk about the VW Bug, images of hip and cool races through ones mind. The rounded-shaped simple car has evolved into an “icon” of un-explained charisma like no other 4-wheeled vehicle in the world. Much has been described about its features and idiosyncrasies, but nevertheless makes it unique and lovable.

The versatility of the Bug is another wonderful trait. It can adapt to, many environments and is receptive to customization or styling. This has made possible, styling trends of Cal-Look, German-Look and Resto-Custom.

I remember being in a light-hearted exploratory discussion a few weeks back of a possible trend in the local scene. The topic being is “hot rod” look VWs. This has been started years back and has trickled unto the VW crowd in the U.S., but here, there is still none. Well, would-be-pioneers of this look are welcomed. Any brave and adventurous enthusiasts out there?

Hints on how to get the hot rod-look; flat black paint or just straight primer…air-brushed flames…..rod fenders or no fenders at all…..smoothie hub caps on red steelies…..bias ply or coker tires. If you need some more inspiration, watch “American Graffiti”…..after that try a Fonzie hair-do.

V-rod, happy days are here again!

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Architect and his Automobile

Le Corbusier was a consummate artist and designer. His theories in design, arts, painting and of course, architecture are extraordinary. As an architect, he is up to now, regarded as the great titan of modern architecture. His principle of “machine for living” embodies the model of efficiency in form and function. An in-depth look at “Villa Savoye” certainly convinces you of his genius. Admittedly, his work inspires me as an architect, and his rationalization of design elements consciously guides me in many creative endeavors.

This famous architect believed that the automobile was an important element, and thus inspired his concepts and designs. He went even further in conceiving a vehicle of stunning simplicity yet with revolutionary features, ahead of its time. The year was 1928, when the design of “Voiture Maximum” came into being and subsequently presented in the 1930’s for a world fair.

In 1932, Adolf Hitler has also longed for a simple vehicle for his people and started toying with the idea of a mass production car. At this time he sketched a design on a napkin and later commissioned Dr. Porsche to develop what would later be the VW Beetle. It would be fascinating to note, Hitler also in his early adulthood longed to study architecture.
At the same time, Pierre Boulanger started to develop an “umbrella on wheels” with Citroen for the masses. Boulanger is an architect and was the man in charged of the French automaker at that time. This concept brought about the Citroen 2CV.

These two vehicles have striking resemblance to the 1928 Voiture Maximum. There are theories on the possibility of these two influential figures taking a not-so-casual interest on Le Corbusier’s work. Who influence who? Your guess is as good as mine!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Progressive service-oriented firms have an enviable advantage over run-of-the-mill companies. For whatever reasons, our clients in our local setting always opt for personalized products, and proportionately personalized service as well. As a matter of structure, our firm in particular does custom designs and then implements this concept into reality, per the customer’s wishes. And, on that count, we really deliver this kind of individualized customer service. Another advantage is that we offer clients, options to choose from. Options or variants, truly fine tune our designs in relation to what the patron requires, thus the end result uniquely satisfies their lifestyle.

I guess a variant in another language, could offer a clue to the “Power of Options”. Here’s a Type 3 Variant decked with a roof rack cum logo board. A possible option for a service crew vehicle…..a wagen…..or a wagon.....Hmmm…..maybe?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

“On the go” Mascot

Some neurons in my brain are prodding me to develop a delivery van with character! I reckon something similar to the “reliability ads” panel vehicle. Imagine showing up in a German van, delivering German-styled products! That must be really something else! An early bay window VW Type 2 could be a good choice….or does it? To begin with, an appropriate actual running example is ideal, although a complete restorable van must be difficult to find. Then, the restoration part is by no means a walk-in-the-park, but I guess will be all worth it. Anyway that wouldn’t be an obstacle in enjoying this charming Type 2 vehicle. Maybe a cartoon mascot for our “Teknomobel Quality Delivered” campaign flier would do for now.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Evolution of the ad-box

In September of 2003, our company ran a series of fliers for marketing use. One of these focused on stressing “reliability and great value” as inherent in our products and services. We felt these positive traits should be imparted to our patrons, thus setting us apart from the other outfits. I felt the panel bus will be a great simile of these values. Good projects generated that year, confirmed that it served us well!

This also started our thrust to introduce “European Lifestyle” or the European way of “form follows function” principles in contemporary interiors and lifestyle products.

Here’s the flier in our showroom way back 2003, the predecessor of the SLIVERS Ads (as seen on the previous post) for June 2006 issue.

Recent photo of yours truly, don in neat company jacket and sporting a permanent tan! The reliability flier is on the extreme lower right…. though partly cropped.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I’ve been contributing write-ups to SLIVERS magazine for quite a number of years now. This publication is a trade magazine for Architects, Designers, Engineers and Contractors. One of the perks of being part of the SLIVERS team is that, I get to have a full-page advertisement for our company….for FREE. For this June issue, I tried putting a layout incorporating our product line “CondoFIT” and a Camper from VW. Seems as though my hobby is clearly inspiring me to be creative. I submitted the electronic files just today (it's Monday here GMT+8 timezone) and can’t wait for the actual magazine to be out!
A sort of Architectural Digest meets Hot VWs.

Friday, May 05, 2006

What's in a name? A name says a lot.
Some are blessed with parents, who fittingly gave you the best name there is.
I feel I'm one of those.
Well to state one of my blessings, I was christened "Erwin" by Mom & Pop.
The name meant "triumph" says the book of names.
Maybe with a little syllable rearranging "er-win" turns into "win-er" or "winner".
The great German WWII Field Marshal of the Deutsches Afrika Korps is Erwin Rommel.
This "Desert Fox" was a great leader, admired by both his men and his adversaries as well.
With perseverance, discipline and commitment I could at least be half as great as this guy.
The creative genius of Erwin Komenda brought about the development of famous German cars.
This designer was the chief stylist of Ferdinand Porsche, and his work includes the VW Beetle, Kubelwagen, Schwimmwagen, Cisitalia, Porsche 356 and Porsche 550.
With creativity, passion and insatiable drive I could at least be half as great as this guy.
Half of Rommel, half of Komenda is my life long journey as a person.