Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Baddie Corvette

One of the reasons, the current Ford Fiesta is such a hit can be attributed to Jeremy Clarkson doing the famous review of it in Top Gear! A review which is witty and wildly creative. The cherry on the cake of course is this awesome segment featuring a mall chase.

I have to note Mr. Clarkson, a middle aged genius of a journalist, was in a way thinking like a teenage gearhead. Ok, at least when I’m that age, was in that same car-crazed wave length. I’d remember blasting away in our Notchback and would make a tight fast turn manoeuvre from the highway to its gravel shoulder, a dangerous teenage thrill! I can recall vividly how the little stones flew and dust engulfed the car. Ah, those were the days! Now I won’t pull that stunt again (and others that I’ve done then) definitely. But Clarkson subconsciously made a connection, and brought me back in time. Hey, it even made me get a Ford Fiesta, for crying out loud!

Now I’m aching too for some Fiesta fun :-)

Ok, so where are the Baddies?

This one? ………..wrong Corvette!

How about this?....... not so!

This?....... not even the right size :-)

Oh, well my Fiesta isn’t Lime Squeeze either!

The Good ^
The BAG :-)
& the BADDIES !

Location shoot:
First 3 pics @ my father's talyer-garage ....not a mall :-)
4th @ Mindanao Ave. Shell station night-out with drizzle!
last 2 on top of Ford Fiesta Backpack :-)