Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday dream come true!

It’s a known fact that I really like VW. I’m an incurable enthusiast, collector and need I say “fanatic?” car guy. It has been my dream to have the miniature replica of my favorite 1:1 VW car that I own. If it were a VW Beetle, Bus and Golf, it would be very easy to have the small scale of any of them. But my actual car isn’t popularly modeled in scale. I can safely say it, that only one manufacturer did such model. And finally after years of yearning to find one, this holiday season brings good cheers! My good friend has sent me one, and I’m thoroughly grateful!

From Schabak of Germany, 1:43 scale.
 The VW Jetta MK2, early model version .
 I just love this color….
 ….because my 1:1 sports the same factory paint, Dupont LA1Z !
 My 1:1 VW Jetta MK2, late model version.
 Canadian version, Jetta Carat in Light Sahara Mettalic paint.
 Matching interior is also VW code named, “Sahara”
 Both Jettas are personally treasured!
Happy Holidays everyone!
Hope your dreams do come true, as mine did!
Enjoy & Cheers!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Came Raining VW

The much anticipated annual VW day was held last weekend.
Aficionados and enthusiast alike came to celebrate…
… and so did the rains!
Nonetheless the outpour of affection for Vdubs,
wasn’t dampened at all by the downpour.

The songs of ‘The Beatles’ were playing full blast on that event!
We were literally ‘singing in the rain’. I saw some were ‘dancing’ as well!

View from the grandstand (shelter from the rains)

My fav on that day were:
 A VW T34 ‘Razor’
Pale mocha Karmann Cabrio

Australian VW buggy side by side with a VW Sakbayan,.. Military VW Thing round up the box theme!
 Pair of Fastbacks: early and late model
Green early VW T2 Kombi

Crewcab VW T1

Panel van VW T2

Showering VW style:
From parade grounds of previous show winners.
550 replica
 VW Thing

Other forms of air-cooled joined in!

Vintage scooters