Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cool Caddy

What an appropriate name it is; Golf Caddy. We all know what a caddy in the game of golf is. VW marketing guys must have pick this name out of fun or maybe pun.

The VW Golf Pickup or ‘Caddy’ is an elusive model, and it seems that there is only one in existence in this part of the world. There are sightings of a beige example and have seen it around ten years ago myself, in Project-7 Q.C.

It is a holy grail Waterwagen for one of my friends, and surely you can add it to mine. A few months ago, I was in the processes of importing one from Japan. Have a brod-in-law there to get it for me, but developments in car importation weren’t on my side. The painless importation of used vehicle from Japan, starting September 2006 was next to improbable, at least for a newbie like me.

Most likely it will come from another source, and I’ll be patiently exploring options to acquire one. I dreamt of owning this Caddy someday to load my bicycles on family trips, and this very nice diecast model of it is what I have right now.

A scale model that is becoming as rare as the real Golf Caddy.
A great companion of my white on white appealing pair of Golf Cabby.
Caddy Cabby

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Annual Pilgrimage

It is a period of the year, much anticipated within the singular community. This is the ultimate gathering of the believers. A time of bonding built on common ground and a celebration through joyous brotherhood.

Is it the Christmas Season? Very close.
Is it a Fiesta? Sort of. Very festive. Friendly atmosphere.
Is it a Reunion? You can consider it as one. Seeing good friends again.

I started making this annual pilgrim way back a decade ago. Really can’t explain the force that’s pulling me to be there year after year. There was even a time that this celebration coincided exactly with my birthday and that really started my special day right. So will I be there three weeks from now…..d e f i n i t e l y ! See you December 10 Volkspeeps!

A preview of the VW pilgrimage....from previous gathering of the believers.

VW Parking....rows of Bugs, my Jetta and my Kid.

Line of VWs....and Komenda.

VW Fair....and my fair ladies.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Razor Don

Customizing is a way of expressing one’s individuality in the cars we adore. It’s our stamped ID on wheels. More or less reflects who we are and our aspirations. In principle, a custom car is a deviation from the stock automobile that came from the factory run. It could be altered, improved and morphed from mild to wild. Again it’s an art of personalization with the car being the canvas.

On a much smaller canvas, the custom art has evolved to capture the creativity involved in actual cars. The canvas in this case is the miniature diecast car. If their 1:1 counterparts are labors of passion, then the 1:64 scale cars are labors of obsession.

Check these miniature masterpieces.
A Vdub treated as a “Don”, or a master. Basking in golden orange paint and shiny wheels, this VW T34 is a customizer’s delight. You can’t have this by-the-shelf, this is one of a kind.
This “Razor Don” is trailered and pampered by an equally special VW T2 Crew-cab, with custom done one-off body work.
Both feature the same color combination and style, making for a very special team.
Well, the creator of these custom diecasts, is a true master or a “Don”. He’s no other than Don Croxton, the Type3 master himself. Thanks Big Brother for these great miniatures.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Lowboy

Remember the groovy 70’s when the VW Bug was altered visually in funky fashion. Some were treated with square headlamps, opera windows and ‘frenched’ anything. Others were given the George Barris look, full custom altered bodywork and pearl paintjobs. Most of the early models were intentionally updated using the later model looks, this practice almost a no-no today.

Going back made me remember the Beetle with a Mercedes Benz front nose. These became quite hot during that era. I know of a 2-liter ‘Webered’ hot motored white Bug from then LTO chief Mr. Vinluan, with this front conversion. Seeing a surviving example from a December annual Volkswagen gathering, a black beauty 70’s VW-Merc, brought some cool memories back.

Now given the Volksrod acceptance in custom VW scene, these 70’s creations are great basis of transformation. Capturing the ’32 Ford Lowboy stance and silhouette is by way of its channeled body and rod drop-front suspension. Roadster form is achieved via scratch-built Heb styled rear body and fender-less rod look. Recreate the Manalang-built 2-liter motor of Mr. Vinluan, altogether making for one hot retro seventies child.

Low DUBoy
70’s retro V-rod