Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The name says it all!

Of plastic and diecast series 2 

There is a definite purpose in anything we do.
An action will cause a proportionate reaction.
It is the law of nature. Physics even says so!
Basically it has something to do with (well meaning) cause and (well intended) effect too.
Thus, many great creations encompass equally great effect on people.

When people started creating toys, their perceived purposes were vast.
Most toys are scaled down versions of desirable human possessions (i.e houses, prized animals, gadgets) that are meant to be aspirations in later adult life (i.e doctors gear, driving a sports car). A toy thus is a miniature meant to stimulate a child’s mind and heart to reach for his/her dreams in the future.
In spite of this fact, there is an underlying noble and basic intent of toys.
To be honest, the fundamental purpose of which is to bring happiness.
Pure and simple JOY!

So too this car brings joy …

Old-world delightful rendition,

of a vintage VW Scirocco MK1

by the brand,  JOY-TOY

An apt name, don’t you think?

  Made in Greece with joy!

Special thanks to my friend MT for this :-)