Monday, September 29, 2008

Steve McQueen’s Bug

The film ‘Le Mans’ forever captured in it,
three legends.
First, is the Gulf racing Porsche 917.
Second, the Heuer Monaco wristwatch.
(my timepiece holy grail)
Third and the encore,
it immortalized Steve McQueen.

I have yet to land a model of that mighty
Gulf Porsche and something in me has
been throbbing to pacify this desire.
Once again tapping the ‘lazy custom’
approach and idle time to burn, the end
result is my tribute to Cool McQueen!

I would imagine Steve having a Flat-6
Porsche engine mounted at the back.

Since this is an ode to the 70’s, EMPI
was put to task on the VW performance.

Of course, this VW is a Matchbox,
a legend in diecast cars.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jager Team

Lazy Customs Series

Another quick set of customs.
Again no painting required,
they came with the right colors I need.
The MB VW Bug shown previously,
is joined by two more team mates…

… Jagermeister New Beetle Cup...

… Jagermeister VW T2 Camper.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Team Adobo

It’s great to see that Vdub
is part of the Pinoy’s palette.
Like here in Pinas,
our love affair for VW is
distinctly flavorful.
Having experienced the
many gatherings and meet,
I’d say we Pinoys really
love our VWs with gusto.

Coming across these guys
in VW Vortex, assert these
observations even more.
Team Adobo Canada is
Vdubbin Pinoy style.
Check out their rides,
of which I drool and love
to have in my parking slot.

These rides are tasty!

Delicious pair of Jettas!

Mabuhay Team Adobo