Monday, July 19, 2010

Two shots of Martini

I definitely will confess!
I admit it. I’m addicted to this…
…in multiple takes of…
…Martini …
I meant the racing livery!

A few precious hours of sunray in this dreaded rainy season made it possible. A quickie transformation of a bone stock casting was the order of the day. Employing the ‘lazy custom’ approach, the Matchbox Golf GTI V was transformed into another Martini racing livery VW.

The Matchbox make-over was a little bit on the tame side.

Subtle as a MB ought to be.

The HotWheels variant, I’ve done previously, is on the wild side.

As a HW should be; flamboyant and extrovert!

Now, I have a pair of GTI V Martinis.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weekend Impromptu

It’s has been raining sporadically for quite some time now. July can be such a dreary period indeed. Two weekends ago it didn’t rain! Alas, a good reason for an unplanned travelling up north of Manila with the family!

The quick agenda;
A trip meant to fill some food for the mind, body and spirit! At least that was the plan! But then again, there was not a plan at all!

The loose itinerary:
a) Drive up the expressway for a much needed de-carbonization of my old-school VW. Although ‘Bulak’ (cotton), the white Jetta GLI is well maintained and is a daily driver (6days a week for an old-school car is not bad!), it needs to stretch some mechanical tendons as it is mainly a city slicker. There is nothing better than a blast of 160kph to remove carbon deposits in the engine combustion chambers!

b) Take a hearty brunch meal (I did say “food for the body”) in the sprawling food mall pretending to be gasoline station inside the expressway. A tall frost coffee to liven the senses (need to drive alertly) to top it off!
c) Drive-off 60 plus kilometers away from home and visit some places for uplifting ones spirit and mind.
d) The rest is ...well…anything goes!

I did 'accidentally' met a guy with a VW Beetle and his family’s collection of cameras. Dozens upon dozens of old Japanese and German cameras in those assortments. You got to love this kind of stuff, unpredictably fun!

I parked in a street, a few walks from his place and thought that the street graffiti is a weird contrast to the original Alpine white paint of the Jetta. Or is it just me?

After that, we made a quick visit to a very near Marquee mall for the ladies' favorite activity: shopping... and again food galore!

Of course it’s de rigueur to check out diecast cars, and I was not disappointed. I set loose one diecast during another food mall-gasoline station stopover for dinner heading back home. Darn, another nice coffee and Subway footlong sandwich was irresistible to cap the night gorge!

The best catch of the day was totally unexpected, making for one happy impromptu trip!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Dutch Deutsche Duo

Policing can be truly tough work.
One can only imagine the long hours, the rough times and the danger that goes along with the job description. Definitely these law enforcers need all the right tools to get the job done right! Nothing comes close than a proper set of fast wheels to lighten (and brighten up) the load of policing. Especially for gear head patrollers, that would speak volumes of great motivation!
What better way to equip them? Have Porsches as patrol cars!

The Dutch 911S for their Politie.

Fittingly made by EFSI of Holland!

The Deutsche 901 (early 911) for their Polizei

Wonderful rendition by SIKU of Germany!

Hey, these police cars work hard on the beat. A few scraps and scratches are au naturel!

Much thanks to my wonderful European friend for this duo! I believe he speaks Dutch and Deutsche too!