Monday, July 05, 2010

Dutch Deutsche Duo

Policing can be truly tough work.
One can only imagine the long hours, the rough times and the danger that goes along with the job description. Definitely these law enforcers need all the right tools to get the job done right! Nothing comes close than a proper set of fast wheels to lighten (and brighten up) the load of policing. Especially for gear head patrollers, that would speak volumes of great motivation!
What better way to equip them? Have Porsches as patrol cars!

The Dutch 911S for their Politie.

Fittingly made by EFSI of Holland!

The Deutsche 901 (early 911) for their Polizei

Wonderful rendition by SIKU of Germany!

Hey, these police cars work hard on the beat. A few scraps and scratches are au naturel!

Much thanks to my wonderful European friend for this duo! I believe he speaks Dutch and Deutsche too!


danielh said...

awesome porsche police car collection here Erwin.

And it fits the tags, hard work and scratches. Worth keeping as collector items.
Lucky dude to have good friends.

Scratchydub said...

Hi Erwin, I remember we used to see these in real whenever we crossed the border to the Netherlands or Germany. Lucky guys, the policemen there! :)

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

congrats Erwin! such nice vintage 911s!! :-)

komenda said...

Glad you liked them Danielh!
I love them in this state, they do look the part of real bruises from action packed life :-)
Indeed I'm blessed with a very wonderful friend!

komenda said...

Hi Maarten,awesome to hear that you saw the actual Dutch and Deutsche Porsche patrol cars! They sure are lucky patroller :-)
Again much thanks my friend!

komenda said...

Thanks Mike! Vintage stuff is cool stuff :-) I'm hooked on these charming old-school miniatures!