Monday, November 30, 2009

Hard working Pups

I remember in my teen years, my hard working Dad always envisioned owning a ranch of a farm for leisure time. He would describe vividly going to that place in a beat up pickup truck with paint-faded rusted body work. Of course he’d patterned this vision from the Western films he loves to watch. Many years later, the ‘leisure’ farm of his dream did come true, and I’m happy for him.

My Dad celebrated his simple birthday this November and this reminded me to post these much played-with Pickups. I wouldn’t dare restore their paintwork as this is how they should look like….paint faded rusted….Hey! I’m becoming my Dad (haha).

Thanks to a wonderful friend in Belgium for the yellow version, and JDMike for the white one! Both were given to me this November. The green Pup, I have this for decades and is a delight having a trio now!

Husky VW Pups!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Custom MBx Regular Wheel Karmann

More than a "Lazy Custom" series

Back in 2006, I wrote in my blog a glimpse of my liking of a weekend warrior….
It is this blue Karmann Ghia I sketched.

3 years after, a few weeks back….I gave it a go!
I did though revised a bit, since after that blog entry….both HW and Jada had some pretty wild concepts of Karmann coupe racer and I wouldn’t want to repeat them in this custom. Sticking to my wanting of a vintage weekend racer, but in another guise is the route I pursued. I always loved to have some Matchbox regular wheel VW’s (donations, RAOK are welcomed :) ), and this is a good excuse to make one.
From the recent MB Karmann Ghia…

Initially I wanted it to be just a lazy custom, but the original stance is too high. So a new chassis was grafted, then fitted with skinny regular wheels from a beater Siku…

To make this Karmann Speedster in one of my fav livery.

Some more views.
Showing the fabricated front lip spoiler,

tonneau cover, roll bar & twin tail pipes.

Cheers and Enjoy!