Friday, June 06, 2008

Rare Razor

Among the Karmann Ghias the Type 3 version
models are relatively rare for a Volkswagen.
Much of its mechanical and drivetrain were
derived from the Notchbacks & Fastbacks,
which I have an incurable liking to them.
The Type 34 as it is called is not an exception.

I might not be able to have the chance,
to get myself the 1:1, which is understandable.
Rare equals expensive to acquire.
Mint examples will be rarest still.

So I set on to instead aim for,
the rarest of the rare in small scale.
Mind you this is not a easy goal,
in this part of the woods.
My criteria were simple yet challenging.
It has to be mint and it has to have a box!

After years of hunting this holy grail,
I’m proud to have this thing of beauty.
The Siku V248 VW Karmann Ghia T34 1500.
This one was made in Germany from 1965 to 1969.
Scale is 1/60 and very accurate for a 60’s model.

It’s a real masterpiece with delicate casting!

The 'razor' lines were spot-on on this model!

Those headlights are real gems!