Thursday, October 22, 2009

Alpine & Sahara Night Out

"Taking time to smell the coffee" series

It is an occurrence every week that you will see this tandem.
An Alpine White VW Jetta GLI Mark 2 on a convoy with a Light Sahara Sand VW Jetta GL Mark2.
At times having car wash together…..or parked in a coffee shop…..side by side in a gas station store…..mostly just hanging out!
These are our dynamic duo of old school sedans. At first glance they seem to be clones, but they are not exactly identical as one is a US version, the other a German version. You have to be with them to see their numerous differences in features.

I love old school water-cooled VW’s that much, thus having one is not enough. My family is into this hobby together, and that’s the other reason to have this pair.

Shot last night, this is one of many night outs with our fav old school cars.

Enjoy your 1:1 as much as the smaller scale cars! We do :-)


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quotable Quotes 1

Fun Interpretation Series

“Racing Is Life…
Anything That Happens Before or After…
is Just Waiting.”

My fun take on this….Enjoy!