Monday, May 16, 2011

White Car Black Wheels

Wheel fetish 2

There is a renaissance of the color white in cars. Not that white was absent as a dealer option, actually it has been there ever since. In the era of metallic paints and fancy mix, it has persistently survived. Recently, I have noticed that luxury rides, sport cars and even exotics are cloth in white paint; this trend has fueled the resurgence. White is the new silver nowadays!

Ironically, I even see it as the new measure of vanity. It is one of the cheapest paint per se, but on the maintenance front, it is the opposite. A frequent trip to the carwash and wax detailing are norms in owning a car painted in white. It rakes in more effort and expense to keep pristine. But going through all of this, one is rewarded with a stunning looking car; it is classic at the same time avant-garde. A cool combination!

There is an even more stunning combination IMHO!
Like this classic 911 turbo,
…same recipe on a modern 911 turbo!
Similarly on a classic Golf GTi’
…and its later reincarnation!
How, about on a Jetta GLi…
…or this MK4?
Some really great inspirations! Don’t you think?
So, here’s my take on the theme…
White car,
Black wheels.
New car,
Old school wheels.
BBS from the Sportline Golf GTi

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wheel Fetish

The love for cars has different versions of fixation.
Some love them for their flashy chrome stuff and bling.
Others go for the pumping audio equipment and electronics.
People spend their money on wild paint job and bodykits.
It all boils down to this; your money, your style.

I for one am a bit conventional on styling of 1:1 cars.
Sure I prefer Lambo or Porsches any day, if I have the dough.
But, would rather keep them bone stock. That is my preference.
None of the fancy cosmetics to modify them, I’d keep them original.
Apart maybe for one exception; the proper wheels!

I’m a self confess wheel fetish, literally and figuratively.
I like a car with a great set of rim/alloy wheels on it.
I can actually remember some wonderful rims on VW or Porsches that came standard on them. The aftermarket wheel that perfectly suite a VW, is a must have for me.
Thus, from my point of view a great set of wheels make a good car, great looking!

An example is this VW Golf IV GTi

The paint is perfect for this car
All the more, sporting the BBS wheels, model RS771!
Love the stance and overall look.
Paul Model’s Art 1:43 version