Monday, May 16, 2011

White Car Black Wheels

Wheel fetish 2

There is a renaissance of the color white in cars. Not that white was absent as a dealer option, actually it has been there ever since. In the era of metallic paints and fancy mix, it has persistently survived. Recently, I have noticed that luxury rides, sport cars and even exotics are cloth in white paint; this trend has fueled the resurgence. White is the new silver nowadays!

Ironically, I even see it as the new measure of vanity. It is one of the cheapest paint per se, but on the maintenance front, it is the opposite. A frequent trip to the carwash and wax detailing are norms in owning a car painted in white. It rakes in more effort and expense to keep pristine. But going through all of this, one is rewarded with a stunning looking car; it is classic at the same time avant-garde. A cool combination!

There is an even more stunning combination IMHO!
Like this classic 911 turbo,
…same recipe on a modern 911 turbo!
Similarly on a classic Golf GTi’
…and its later reincarnation!
How, about on a Jetta GLi…
…or this MK4?
Some really great inspirations! Don’t you think?
So, here’s my take on the theme…
White car,
Black wheels.
New car,
Old school wheels.
BBS from the Sportline Golf GTi


Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

Wow!!! The white colour seems to the charisma trend since many years ago but it getting hotter nowadays ???
You could flip back all your car magazine , newspaper , diecast model , street cars & etc.
Especially the super car catergory & certain compact saloon & hatch back like your Ford Fiesta.
But not all cars could blend perfectly in white...only a few group because it depends on the design ( body lines ) & the shape of the car itself.
White would be certainly fit into mid size to hot hatch but not the big limosine.

"Great pictures & topic".



shaz @ kurz said...

man fiesta! i plan on buying it too
sadly at my place they dont sell it with shiftronic function..very stingy! lol
now im considering a kia forte or fiesta..though different segments but the price are the same here.
cant wait for hotwheels version of fiesta later this year! :)

komenda said...

Hello Kin,
Your observations ar correct, the trend is catching up on using white. I'm happy to report those that I've posted are my favorite cars in that color.
Appreciate and thanks!

komenda said...

Hi Shaz,
Those car you've mentioned are good choices! Please update us when you decide on either of the two :-)
About that Hotwheels Fiesta, I share your excitement in its release! Eagerly waiting for it as you do!

Marcjan Minipassion - 1:43 said...

Hmmm... Good idea to put black rims to white car :D Lacking only black roof ;) Beauty car Erw, lots of guys dreamed about it, me too of course. Cheers!

komenda said...

Hi Marc, glad you liked it. Great suggestion on the black roof ;-) my friend in Belgium suggested a black bonnet :-)both are tempting choices!
Greetings to you there in Poland, Cheers!

danielh said...

can't deny it's a trend today. you can see them on the street and they do look outstanding in white paint and black with chrome rims wheels on it. I saw white beemer 5 series and white SL mercedes, they look stunning!

great pictures, can use as reference for my future custom...hehe

komenda said...

Thanks Danielh!
It's a good to know that these can be of reference to your next custom projects :-) eagerly waiting for those!

CaboReyes said...

The classic Golf GTI looks really good! i love this car!

Excellent Blog!

komenda said...

Thanks Cabo!
appreciate it :)

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komenda said...

Thanks! do visit again :-)

Gaucho Man said...

i appreciate your comments,
my idea is that white is not a color but the resulting of the absence of color.
absence of color in a sports car -for example a countach- gives me an idea that the color was not important so nobody wasted energy in choosing a color,
the car more important than the color,
the esence before the aspect.
on the other hand, the white color enhances the car lines, any unkind angle will be popped up with the withe paint.
i love white cars

komenda said...

Hola Gaucho!
White is truly a hot :-) and combined with a striking bodywork, standout quite well!
I too love white cars :-) I have two of them in this colors.
Gracias Amigo!