Monday, October 06, 2008

Shapely Fenders

Lazy Customs Series

In Motor Racing there exist liveries that are competitively attractive.
I consider them as Motorsports’ Livery Legends.
Such is the case of Jagermeister orange-clad racing machines.
It’s the same for Gulf Racing cars, a formula of great style and race success.
This holds true with the immense winning brew of Martini Racing.
A striking amalgamation of red, blues and white, surely to keep
the desire level factor shooting up. To top it off, these Martini machines
are collectively a victorious force in competition.

Such is the appeal of these liveries that I’m drawn to make custom diecast
wrapped in these renowned racing colors.
On the Martini front, I’m deeply attracted to the tri-colored stripes running
along the fender curves of the celebrated 70’s Porsche 934 RSR.
Darn, those are really amazingly attractive curves.
I’ve wanted to replicate them on a custom VW having similarly
shapely fenders.
Lo and behold Hotwheels provided a canvass for it to be applied.

Presenting the, Martini Racing VW GTI 5

Traditional sponsors were included; Shell, Bilstein, Bosch

New ones were introduced as well, Heuer, Yokohama…

and of course, Komenda Volkswagen!