Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Martini Racing Team Pickup

Racing automobiles are splendid machineries.
Fitted with all the bells and whistles to go faster,
go farther and go for the win!
While the racing car has the lead role in a team,
support vehicles take on the supporting casts.
I find amusement in them as well!
The equally impressive transporters, trailers and trucks
are awe-inspiring machineries in their own right.
Case in point are the VW pickup trucks that were put
to task to support the VW Race Touareg at Dakar.
These eventually became the VW Amarok, a race
proven team pickup before even being officially offered
to the public in civilian form.

This is the inspiration for a quickie transformation!

A VW Rabbit (Golf) Pickup (Caddy) by Siku.

Transformed into the Martini Team Pickup.

While the VW Golf GTi takes on the brawlin’…

the VW Pickup does the haulin’!