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Sunday, November 30, 2008

VW = Very Wet...D Day

The chicken eggs offering for a sunny day,
didn't work! It was another wet VW GTG.
Partly because of the drizzle...
.......and partly a result of us drooling
profusely with these tasty Pinas Vdubs!

The main course of delight is this Brasilia,
indeed a Brazilian taut, tan and lovely beauty!

I adore this off-the-factory-floor looking US version 1303.

Sakbayan always makes me feel proud to be Pinoy.

All 21 windows of amazing sight.

Got the "crisp look" nailed with this Variant Type3

Cal-look Pinas Style is one Sano Bug.

La Raza Bug, borloloy made tasty!
A completely restored correct '67 VW 1500

These wild Things make the heart sing!

I want these VW T2 Campers, the coolest “Kulambo” on wheels

I'm a '70s VW fan, and this Notch & 1302S fit the bill.

Got the family joining me again and this year my brother (3rd photo) led the drooling, EEENjoy!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

70’s Curved Groove

Times are swinging during the 70’s era.
Changes are on the groovy side.
Pants are flared, hair is curled!
Collars excessive, shoes are massive.

VW’s changing too on this wave.
Suddenly the aircooled Type1 & 2,
got the excessive curves.
Bodies are on the curve plum bulge.
Noticeable are the delightful,
curved windshield. Smashing!

Voluptuously groovy shapes aren’t they?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Caddy Custom Service

I was looking forward to the MB VW Caddy in blue
to be available locally and apply a Matchbox logo
on its sides, much like the MB VW van regular wheel.
Up to now it isn’t offered in our pegs…. too SLOW.
Talk about late distribution.

Glad, I got this one from Don, a few days ago, and
an idea formed for a lazy custom. Our VW friend is
a cool Notchback owner….
So I decided instead on putting a VW Notchback (Type3)
custom drawing I’ve done specifically for this Caddy.
A sort of advert for a shop I’ve dreamt of having.
The Caddy is a service vehicle for ….
“Komenda Custom Coachwork” shop doing
cabrio customs for VW Type3.

Here it is..