Sunday, November 30, 2008

VW = Very Wet...D Day

The chicken eggs offering for a sunny day,
didn't work! It was another wet VW GTG.
Partly because of the drizzle...
.......and partly a result of us drooling
profusely with these tasty Pinas Vdubs!

The main course of delight is this Brasilia,
indeed a Brazilian taut, tan and lovely beauty!

I adore this off-the-factory-floor looking US version 1303.

Sakbayan always makes me feel proud to be Pinoy.

All 21 windows of amazing sight.

Got the "crisp look" nailed with this Variant Type3

Cal-look Pinas Style is one Sano Bug.

La Raza Bug, borloloy made tasty!
A completely restored correct '67 VW 1500

These wild Things make the heart sing!

I want these VW T2 Campers, the coolest “Kulambo” on wheels

I'm a '70s VW fan, and this Notch & 1302S fit the bill.

Got the family joining me again and this year my brother (3rd photo) led the drooling, EEENjoy!


Werawotzit said...

cool pictures dude. i has vw 1303 in the UK a while back. purple like the cadburys chocolate bar and with fur. chromed engine and a hell of a car..made the sound of a motor boat but hell its a bug. finally sold it for a golf gti in the end. sad...
i will upload my bug asap...

can i follower your blog?

my email is, check out my blog:


komenda said...

That's good to know Jonathan, I'm into VW H2O myself.
Please link my blog to yours.

manilaghia said...

Luv the pix Erwin, Nice to have seen you again after such a long time!!

komenda said...

Dennis, happy to see you again as well. I'm glad your family is enjoying the hobby like mine is! Swerte tayo!

Starscream said...

These car show pictures are truly vivid and beautiful :)

komenda said...

Glad you liked them Star!