Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Caddy Custom Service

I was looking forward to the MB VW Caddy in blue
to be available locally and apply a Matchbox logo
on its sides, much like the MB VW van regular wheel.
Up to now it isn’t offered in our pegs…. too SLOW.
Talk about late distribution.

Glad, I got this one from Don, a few days ago, and
an idea formed for a lazy custom. Our VW friend is
a cool Notchback owner….
So I decided instead on putting a VW Notchback (Type3)
custom drawing I’ve done specifically for this Caddy.
A sort of advert for a shop I’ve dreamt of having.
The Caddy is a service vehicle for ….
“Komenda Custom Coachwork” shop doing
cabrio customs for VW Type3.

Here it is..

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