Monday, July 27, 2009

Rescued to be a 1968 Winner

Received this from a great guy.
This Majorette is in a much loved state. The wheel caps (covering the bent wires) were transferred to complete a similar car in blue with good original state.
I think it’s the only known model of the Porsche 907 L (longtail) in 3”.

Majorette, indicated Lemans on the base thus suggesting it was from the 1967 Lemans race in which the 907L was the 2-liter class winner. This particular diecast is likely appropriate also for the 1968 24-hours Daytona race since it has the unusual vertical air scoops on its tail. The #54 is the race winner, the team taking 1-2-3 finish for 1968.

Here’s the rescue:
I noticed the Majo is shorter between the door and rear wheel opening than the actual car, thus decal is scaled down to fit. It’s not meant to be a so accurate model…it’s a charming 3” diecast car I’m after. Wheels were reused and fitted with straighter axle.

Paint was applied thin to show the casting’s features ….nicks were intentional to give it the not so polished period look. Rear grill and tail-light details added…

and so were front nostril details, gas cap at rear fender…

and 4 tiny badges.

I opted to simulate aged number decals for the vintage look…

and left the base in its well loved state.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fahrenheit Jagermeister

Lazy Customs Series

It’s rainy days here in the tropics….
not a good time for doing customs. (Yawn)
Squeezing time during rare hours that’s sunny,
I was able to do this one that is based
on the Golf GTI V Fahrenheit Edition,

Kudos to Matchbox for doing a spot-on version
and inspired me to transform one for my
‘Lazy Customs’ home-made collection.

Fast Orange VW

Komenda Racing GTI 5

I’m liking the all black wheels!

Again, “No rivet was harm” in the making of Lazy Custom :-)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Transformers Too?

When Hollywood brought the Transformers to silver screen life, a different morphing took place. The film’s version transformed the original cast into GM’s own. Some of us would have preferred the Bumble-Bee as a VW Beetle and of course, Jazz to be the Porsche 935 Martini ‘ Moby Dick’.

Gladly in 1/64, our desired morphing can still be possible…

On 1:1 though, this Pinas Optimus has yet to…

Friday, July 03, 2009

Tale of Two Blue Tails

Side-by-side feature

Back in the mid-70’s a kin who resided in Canada, sent boxed packages of assortments. One box contained all toys for the little ones; me, my sibling and cousins were delighted about the gifts. All of these toys were new to us then and didn’t even know they existed. Among other presents that I got, was a Corgi Whizzwheels Porsche 917 in metallic blue. The streamlined, long-tail and slender shaped car garnered my admiration from then on. A treasured diecast; having the distinction of starting my love affair with Porsche.

Three and half decades later, an admiration was rekindled. This time, a short-tail version of the 917 caught my fondness. It’s by Pilen of Spain, in heavy casted 1/43. The significance of it being my very first Porsche Gulf livery model!

Two treasured blue-tails

My very first Porsche diecast, the 917L

My very first Gulf Porsche, the 917K