Thursday, February 24, 2011

Name First

Mention the word Targa Florio to vintage road racing aficionados, and you’ll get them excited! This famous race in Sicily, Italy dates decades back and has Porsche history written all over it. So much so that Porsche’s success in that course, paved the way for the name ‘Targa’ permanently etched in its line of road going production cars. Thus when the Stuttgart firm decided to pursue an innovative semi-convertible sports car, the ‘Targa’ badge was adopted.

The very first Porsche to carry the ‘Targa’ nameplate was on the 1966 Porsche .
A first generation 911 Targa
Captured in essence by this vintage SIKU of Germany.

Special thanks to my good friend for the Targa! 

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Missing Max!

Part 1

By now you’re wondering; why the affliction with Volkswagen?
Let me go back to a bit of affliction history. It’s because of ‘Max’.
‘Max’ is the name of my parents’ 1963 VW 1500 S Notchback. This was my very first long term encounter with a 1:1 VW and my dad gave it that name. 'Max' is like a well loved family pet. Everybody knows it by name.

I missed it so much today. Why? He's been gone missing! Why again? More of that next time…
To be continued….

My good friend sent me this, last year. It’s one that is in his dad’s collection. I’m so happy on the parallel of sorts and that I’ve finally got this wonderful miniature (been looking for an example, all of these years!).
A model of a 60’s VW Notchback.
A small scale of ‘Max’.
Has the same old-school appeal…
and period feel that is hard to come by today!
It’s a vintage piece by LEGO!
Hey, ‘Max’ got shrunken!