Thursday, February 24, 2011

Name First

Mention the word Targa Florio to vintage road racing aficionados, and you’ll get them excited! This famous race in Sicily, Italy dates decades back and has Porsche history written all over it. So much so that Porsche’s success in that course, paved the way for the name ‘Targa’ permanently etched in its line of road going production cars. Thus when the Stuttgart firm decided to pursue an innovative semi-convertible sports car, the ‘Targa’ badge was adopted.

The very first Porsche to carry the ‘Targa’ nameplate was on the 1966 Porsche .
A first generation 911 Targa
Captured in essence by this vintage SIKU of Germany.

Special thanks to my good friend for the Targa! 


mervin-diecast said...

this one is nice, specially the line on the tires....

Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

I saw it from the magazine & is really nice but not in Malaysia or any other tropical climate country because you will expose to UV sunlight all the time as long as you still on the road.
This glass roofing is gorgeous yet more suite to europe weather.

Nice casting & colour.


komenda said...

Mervin, thanks :-)
This tire type is for the Sikus that are still marked "Made in Western Germany" at the bottom baseplate.

komenda said...

Hi Kin,
You are right about the glasshouse effect :-) I'm sure the aircon system is not as efficient then, if it's an available option too. The Targa will be perfect companion for cool climate :-)
Thanks & Cheers!

danielh said...

agree with mervin, the wheels do look nice, one of a kind from siku and has openable doors.

komenda said...

Danielh thanks!
More info on those wheels:
That on the Targa are thin wheel types, like Matchbox early superfast wheels. Later on, they became wider, again like later Matchbox superfast wheels :-)
Diecast makers follow trends as well :-)

Marcjan Minipassion - 1:43 said...

Hi Erwin.
When I saw this Porsche, my first thing was... NFS Porsche Unleashed :) What a fantastic game it was! The 911 targa looks quite well, especially wheels, but Dudes before me tell this already ;)Greetings!

komenda said...

Hi Marcjan,
NFS is fun :)Games keep getting better!
The wheels are eye catcher :-) and makes the model stand out. Glad you liked it.


Nice! I'd love to own and hunt for some vintage SIKUs. Good choices as always.

komenda said...

Hello Bri, and thanks!
I know you like Benzes and Siku has very nice vintage pieces of them :-)