Thursday, March 03, 2011

Here Comes The Sun

…and I say it’s alright! You've heard of the Beatles, of course. I’ve taken a line from their song, which easily comes to mind, about being in the state of cheerful bliss. I’m curious about the reference to “little darling” and of its endearing reference. Ok, I’m thinking about small and cherished. So many similes exist in our miniature hobby and the warmth of joy it brings to collectors. Hey,  George, Paul,and Ringo, must be talking about us for all you know!

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...
Time to bring out the Sun of joy then!
A pop-up roof wagon to enjoy the Summer.
80’s Vintage Hotwheels, the Sunagon.
A play of the words VW Vanagon and Sun.
Modeled after a 80’s VW Vanagon Wesfalia Camper.
And I say it’s absolutely alright!


Kin said...

HI Erwin ,

Wow !!! Retractable roof , what a beauty classic.
I did come across a HK car magazine about this VW van still keep it in a tip top condition , beautiful paint job , stainless steel bumper , side mirror & the interior , leather seat , classic & handy slim steering , gear knob , dashboard , simple door panel & the unique vibrating engine sound & is easy to identified because it only from VW.
I think only a small group of people still keep it nicely but nowadays is very hard to see one on the road.
I will take a photo for you next time if i see one.

congratul...nice casting from Mattel.


komenda said...

Hi Kin,
The description you just made is very accurate on how a vintage VW van should be. A wonderful vehicle to be seen IMHO. Mattel did a fantastic job with the miniature and a great choice to model too.
Appreciate it & Thanks :-)

shaz @ kurz said...

wow this is great!
never knew it even exists before.
will look even greater with some detailing.. :D

Marcjan Minipassion - 1:43 said...

Sun, Sun, Sun... oh yes, we need it, especially here in Poland hehe :) What a good looking VW You got there 0_0 :D I like the idea of this car - simple and comfortable. I have never seen this version in real... Sad ;) Anyway greetings & cheers!

komenda said...

Hi Shaz,
Vintage HW's are great cars to collect. The features are interesting. Maybe my US friend can send me a beater example to do custom & detailing, someday ;-)
Thanks & Cheers!

komenda said...

Hi Mark,
There a still well kept & running examples of them here. Mostly owned by VW collectors. I see them always in VW shows and gathering. Very fitting for camping.Glad you liked the HW :-)

danielh said...

haven't seen this casting from mattel and the best part is retractable roof!

nice collection and envy to others, hehe....

komenda said...

Hello Danielh,
This HW although made in Asia was not sold directly in Asia at that time. Quite a rare sight :-)