Thursday, June 19, 2014

Life is a race..and a journey!

The month of May was an unusual time for a journey. It somehow is not the best time to make a trip in the tropics. It’s a mix of too hot, too humid weather and doses of rainfall, which will make getting around a bit of a hurdle. But then again, if you’re the type with the adventurous spirit in you, May attracts excitement, exploration and betting on lady luck to be on your side. A sort of living on the edge, excites the adventurous; pretty much what defines racing. Which brings me to reflect on what transpired 20 years back in motorsports greatest arena in Italy- May 1 , 1994, to be exact. Excitement is uber high, as this is F1’s defining moment. Yet on that race event, many lives were lost as lady luck wasn't smiling that time - a tragic fate for my idol : Aryton Senna. A charismatic person whose life is a race and his journey in life inspired a lot of people, including me.

Fast-forward May of 2014, I find myself in Macau with my family on a trip, a journey if you may. A Journey to discover what is out there and feed the adventure bug in us. Despite the weather forecast of gloomy rain showers and humid days, we took a chance. Our gamble paid off, as our whole stay wasn't interrupted by any rain, and our journey was worthwhile. Of course that journey wouldn't be complete if we didn't see the Macau Grand Prix Museum. Aryton Senna, made an important mark in this GP, and seeing his F3 car, his race suit and helmet made this May very relevant. The 20th anniversary of the passing of the greatest F1 driver; winning the Macau GP, 30 years ago. 

Actual avenue of the Macau GP: a street held race event. 

Aryton Senna Exhibit 

The other exhibits and dioramas are awesome as well...
...Michael Schumacher's racecar!

 The first to win in the Macau GP, Filipino driver : Dodjie Laurel

 Theodore Racing, the HongKong based motorsport outfit

 First to win the Motorcycle Macau GP, Japanese Hiroshi Hasegawa.