Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cinelli VW T2 crew-cab

Before & After series

My kid made this suggestion.
A classic case, 'before and after' of rescued diecast.
A classic formula yet very effective!
So here goes as requested...

Well played with and cracked windshield. Thanks Henri Kroeze for this one!

The Cinelli VW T2 crew-cab

New windows for this pickup, better 5-bolt wheels, splashes of sponsors too….

ready for hauling the classic Cinelli Super Corsa bicycles at the drop-side bed.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Ratrod year

I’m not sure how the term
"Rat-rods" came about.
Wild guess is that the first
pioneers were hot-rods being
ratty, tatty, shabby examples.

Who would have thought
that this style caught on and
the rods aren’t viewed as
grungy no more.
On a parallel viewpoint
I once thought that the
Year of the Rat is inauspicious.
On the contrary, it is ought
to be a very prosperous and
auspicious one, especially for
my birth sign in particular!

That one is a welcome
thought for this Rat year!
I’m looking forward to a
very good year and wouldn’t
really mind a good dose of
prosperity coming my way.

I’m wearing my Rat-rod Volks
shirt to kick off this fun-filled
year and with an auspicious
Speedy Gonzales’ smile!