Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Panamerica Spyders

Focus on vintage racing simulation.
A few twist on a classic race winner.
Capturing just its overall intent,
veering away from being a strict copy.

Obviously I’m revealing much that…
I’m fond of racing themed customs,
and that’s an understatement.

Panamerica version, Porsche 550 RS Spyder

Panamerica version, Porsche Boxster Concept Spyder

This one was based on the 1993 Concept
James Dean’s Spyder was named’ “Little Bastard”
These two Spyders have pet names too: can you figure it out?
Some detailing was made on the interiors

Friday, August 15, 2008

70’s Orange

The Jagermeister bug
reminded me of the colorful 70’s.

A time when baby blue, beige and
grass green cars were everywhere.
Of, course there were the orange cars.

Volkswagen opted to use this color,
to wrap their revolutionary period shift.
In the 70’s, VW needed change.
Drastic change that is,
from its norm of putting the engine,
at the back and air-cooled at that.
It is dawn of the very first watercooled,
front-engined VW cars.

After buying a host of companies,
including NSU, they maximized
that consolidation to accelerate change.
Thus, the VW K70 was born,
a front-engined, front-drive,
watercooled sedan.
And the rest they say is history.

Well, the K70 is hard to find nowadays,
and those into VW watercooled history
dreams of having one. I do !
This will suffice now, a small scale
Schuco Germany made this in 1/66.
Charming VW K70.
Fittingly in 70’s Orange,
matching the real one.
It is joined by the most successful car
in the world; the VW Golf.

The VW K70 then is the mother of
its success.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jagermeister MB

Back in those care-free childhood days,
I had the habit of peeling off toy car stickers.
Maybe back then, I perceived stickers were
distracting the total look of small cars.

Things have changed now with age, though
still a kid at heart, I have grown a liking to
the applied d├ęcor on diecast cars.

Taking inspiration from old-style paper
stickers on toys, I decided to relive the
good old days.

A Matchbox of recent release was splashed
with home-made printed paper stickers.

I love the old-school effect on this Bug,
and had fun doing it as well.
Plus, I adore the Jagermeister livery,
which is simple yet striking.
I didn’t know that a 1:1 exist until I posted
my 3 inch bug, and got a wonderful response,
with a pic of the Jagerbug. CooooL !