Sunday, February 18, 2007

Red hot

It seems though the cold mornings are over now.
Whew! It’s getting hot in here!
I don’t know why all of these are happening in February.
For some it must be St. Valentine’s Day, that’s causing things to get warmer.
For me though it’s a different reason for temperatures to rise.
This month I got hold finally of a long awaited passion!
That is the hottest diecast of the one and only ‘Hot Hatch’ in it's latest guise.

Now my Mark 2 VW GTi has got a hot pair.
Most articles would write about the 1:1 Mark2 model being the best GTi.
With the introduction of the Mark5, the formula is more potent.
Matchbox appropriately made the latest diecast model in potent red paint.
The result is one hot number!

Monday, February 05, 2007

My Second career?

Been busy making bucks lately, and been that for the last two months. While I enjoy my daily office commitments, one has to find some sort of escape from routine. Having hobbies surely adds spice to my life’s journey, making it more interesting.

Doing a quick run down of my persistent (read: incurable) hobbies, the top three are VWs, car toys and bicycles. With that in mind, if given an endeavor to create a fun business, it should have these three fav hobbies as ingredients.

The recipe?
1/5 size Beetle
It should start with a Bug, arguably the most recognizable VW.
4 wheeled Bike
Give it pedals, chain drive and sprockets. Recumbent single-speed.
1 adult toy
Tin body, white hot paint, red leather seat and spanking wheels.

The result!
My Second Childhood?

I’ll be a kid at heart, ALWAYS!