Monday, February 05, 2007

My Second career?

Been busy making bucks lately, and been that for the last two months. While I enjoy my daily office commitments, one has to find some sort of escape from routine. Having hobbies surely adds spice to my life’s journey, making it more interesting.

Doing a quick run down of my persistent (read: incurable) hobbies, the top three are VWs, car toys and bicycles. With that in mind, if given an endeavor to create a fun business, it should have these three fav hobbies as ingredients.

The recipe?
1/5 size Beetle
It should start with a Bug, arguably the most recognizable VW.
4 wheeled Bike
Give it pedals, chain drive and sprockets. Recumbent single-speed.
1 adult toy
Tin body, white hot paint, red leather seat and spanking wheels.

The result!
My Second Childhood?

I’ll be a kid at heart, ALWAYS!


manilaghia said...


Makes me wanna have a kid again! Hahaha

Nah! Maybe another vdub instead (hint, hint)

Have you seen the KidVRod from hebster52 at the samba?

have a look KidVRod

komenda said...

Hahaha, thanks for sharing that link Dens!
We're still both middle-age kids, dba :)