Monday, January 22, 2007

Green Peace

One of the well loved stories in VW history is how the British helped saved the marque from oblivion after WWII. Ivan Hirst, the British Army Major was regarded a prominent and very important figure in this period. He believed in the Beetle and this foresight eventually allowed the VW Bug to be what it is right now, an icon of peace and universality, totally turning around its infamous past. Incidentally soon after rebuilding part of the ravaged car factory, a Beetle was instructed to be painted green by Hirst for presentation to the British Army. This paved the way for the restarting and manufacturing of the vital orders of 20,000 Bugs, thus resurrecting the VW margue and the rest they say, is history.

By the way, a huge part of those vital first orders of VW’s were use for patrol cars and government use during postwar and peace-time Germany. Could this be the reason why the Duetsche Polizei cars are now in green/white combination? A British racing green on the VW is a testament to this? Maybe?

I do have a charming example of this VW Polizei car in this color combination. A good coincidence is that this is a ‘Corgi’ brand diecast. Made courtesy of the….British of course.

The front wheels steer via the ring hub around the blue siren light.

The trunk opens to reveal a par of boots. Two policemen are on board. Love those gems as headlights!

The 1200cc motor can be admired from the opened deck lid. A neat touch is that the mudguards have VW logos!

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