Monday, January 08, 2007

A Pig’s Year

This should be a good year!
They say 2007 should be very abundant in all earthly bounties.
Much of this optimism stems from this year being the Chinese “Year of the Pig”.
So what does this all mean for me?
Should I go fattening myself by gobbling up tasty gastronomic desires?
Will my wealth skyrocket to unprecedented heights?
Should I accumulate properties this year?
More cars perhaps?

It seems my new interest will jive with this year’s mascot.
Before you get into wild guessing, I won’t be in pursuit of boars.
Yup, they should make for some tasty steaks, YUMMmmY!
But then again, I should watch my health too on fatty galore.
Instead, I’ll start the year right and get acquainted with them “Pig’s cars”
If you didn’t already know, Police or Cops are known as “Pigs” in the USA.
I don’t know why they call them such. Are there similarities?
Maybe because adorable Pigs come in black & white too.

My illustration of a Pig’s Cars, the ‘Pulis Matulis’

A English made vintage diecast, ‘Husky” VW 1300 Polizei

A dubbed Ford Mustang Highway Patrol Car


evil wolf said...

cool cars, erwin!

i really like the husky police bug!

yung mustang cop car naman, rinegalo sa akin last xmas ng cousin-in-law ko. hehehe!

komenda said...

Thanks Jol!

What's missing here is 'Deputy Filmore' you've made.

Bro, regalo ko sa sarili ko yun Mustang. Hahaha!