Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A year that was and a year ahead

What a year!
This will sum up my 2006 VW life.
This year, marked my joining a formal VW club, as I have been joining only informal groups in recent years. I have to add that the later is still something I’m always keen to be a part of. I always believe in addition, the more the merrier!
Momentous are the fun-runs I enjoyed with the different groups; from the formal club, my old friends, and the Waterwagen peeps. Those were blasts of clean fun!
This is the year I started “ECM VW life blog”, hope you read a few of what I am by this. The photos, images and drawings are my way of sharing what I’ve discovered and learned.
Met some really nice people in 2006. Some of whom are added to a growing yet select group of friends that I have, who share the real love of Volkswagen.

So what lies ahead?
No one certainly knows, yet for sure my wish is long and filled with enthusiasm. One of my fervent wish is that I’ll keep ownership of the Volkswagen car and enjoy the hobby on a daily basis. As to drive one daily truly keeps me happy! I always pray that I will not be on the same boat as some enthusiasts, who had given up their VW car for various reasons. I understand their predicament, for they wear the VW spirit still in their hearts and some of whom I know very well. I won’t make a new year’s resolution of sorts. I won’t promise to be ultra active in a club, although I wish it could be possible in my line of work. I won’t promise to learn a lot in 2007, yet I’ll be insatiable in accumulating more info about VWs. I’ll try to limit my VW toy collection acquisition this year, but as early as now this will be tough to do.

What I can forecast though, is that the coming year will be better. For I’ve learn to take things in stride and not to be overwhelmed with too much of everything. I’ve realized a VW hobby is something you should enjoy as much as possible in your own terms, without any pressure of sorts. It’s a lifestyle you live out of fun, not out of necessity. My wish is the same for all my friends, as I’ve been blessed to enjoy this hobby together with my family on a daily basis, with much joy over the years. You are part of the joys experienced this year, thus much thanks and best wishes are meant for all of you.
Health, wealth, peace and more happy moments to have this 2007!
Happy New Year to all!
God bless

ECM”komenda” and “Boom-Trat-a-Bus” bringing you New Year’s cheers and good vibes!


Anonymous said...

wowie what is a neat art.


manilaghia said...

Happy NEW YEAR!!!

komenda said...

a wonderful year ahead, be upon you my friends!