Friday, December 01, 2006

Double Cool

The good thing about having a hobby is you get to enjoy life a whole lot more. You infuse excitement and adventure in an otherwise normal life. In the case of diecast car collecting, the thrill is seeking out for a particular model that eludes you. In collecting circles, they call it the “HUNT”. The ‘thrill of the hunt’ is what excites most, and is carried out as an enjoyable adventure. Mattel’s Hot Wheels even made special car models called “Treasure Hunt”, that embodies the excitement of searching for these miniature gems.

Most look for at least two pieces of a particular model. One to keep in ‘mint’ condition or in actual 1:1 cars, leave it as stock. The other spare to customize and this is where the real fun part begins!

If you remember the stock mint VW Golf Pickup or Caddy diecast, then you’ll surely see the difference of these customized gems. Again, these are awesome even in their small size. Trick paint job, tuner wheels and dropped stance really set it apart. Attention to detail that is way cool!

Double Cool by Don Croxton
Big Brod Caddy!


Anonymous said...

very nice story. thanks

komenda said...

You're welcome my friend! Glad you liked it.

manilaghia said...

Double Cool is Doubly HOT!!!

komenda said...

Thanks Buddy!