Monday, December 04, 2006

Make my day!

A simple man begets a simple day.
I have already been celebrating quietly for days prior to this one. Finally it’s my birthday today and as always this day is and was spent, with simple but meaningful hours. A visit to the church and quiet time with the family is more than one can ask for.

I wouldn’t say that I haven’t had special gifts for today, for I did receive much loved surprises from my family. But this last gift I received came all the way from miles away, from Japan to be exact.

It arrived just in time for my special day, hand delivered by no other than the dynamic duo of TNT, (not ‘Tago n’ tago’, but it might also apply?) Tateng n’ Tintin.

Thanks Kuya Conrad for this wonderful present and gift! This really made my day!
Hope this will serve as a preview of a real 930 turbo to have….someday!

Thanks for the greetings of Volks-friends; Nito, Ian, Dag and Gilbert!


manilaghia said...

Happy Birthday Bro. See you at the show

komenda said...

Salamat Buddy! Kita-kits! A few more days to go - it's SHOWTIME!