Monday, April 24, 2017

Warm Winter

I have a bit of dislike about the winter season.
During my stint in the corporate-world grind, the later part of winter was the time of the year, when I'm out of my home country. Usually I'm out attending seminars and trade fairs, during the cold months. My tropical adapted body, was a dismal failure in dealing with anything below 14°C.

This February, saw me facing my 'cold climate' foe once again. Got an invitation from my ever hospitable overseas host, to be back in the Land of the Rising Sun. Reluctant at first, but quickly my bitter taste of cold winters, were replaced by such delightful experiences.

It could be that, I'm not attending a business trade fair, instead was enjoying a car show fair; the Osaka Automesse Car Show! But clearly, the fun was being with my family this winter season, the warmth of love ones made it very enjoyable!

Toting some little cars along, made it even happier :-) and more memorable!

    And a sneak preview of the upcoming spring's cherry blossom, too!