Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Island Vacation

Cebu Vacation, May 22 to 24, 2010 with a newfound local friend!
I'll let the pics (and caption) do the narrating :-)

Islander diecast from Lahug. Locally sourced for a memorable stay in Cebu.

Getting filled up... for a sensory delight of a vacation!
Start of a refreshing experience and jolts of fun!

Art of appreciation.

Bai (friend)...hey this is a Baywindow bus! Fitting!

Art of sitting.

Sombrero roundabout.

Missed "Tipaklong"....so I sketched him!

Waking up early for a great day!

View from our hotel room balcony... breathtaking!

Breakfast with a view of the beach.

Relaxing on beach lounge chair.

Jacuzzi with a view of the horizon...perfect!
Infinity pool, fools the eye.

Mactan beach, sun...

and sea! I love it!

Friday, May 14, 2010

CINELLI “Bic-Eclectic”

Caught a glimpse of this one in my shelf; A scale bicycle like no other, fitted with a mix of unusual parts.
A spur to revisit my 1:1 unusual bicycle…

My Cinelli revisited
A good friend gave me this vintage Italian bicycle (detailed story somewhere in my earlier blog). I restored it but took a different route. I’ll call it Neo-Vintage; a mix of well-worn vintage parts (with oxidation, rust & scratches), refinished vintage parts and updated with non-conformist use of newer parts. A eclectic blend of old and new stuff.
Cinelli bikes have cult following in the same vein as Vespas, Lambrettas & Lamborghinis. They are design objects of desire!

My 60’s Cinelli head-badge. Brass & enamelled. 51mm size

They don't make them like they use too; intricate lugged brazing : Cinelli CS stamped lugs.

70mm x 36mm Bottom bracket lugged brazing detail

Vintage 1971 model Shimano Crane GS (DR 102) works! The very first Dura-Ace model.

Drop-out are Campagnolo 1010A , read : BREV CAMPAGNOLO

Vintage 1972 Shimano Dura-Ace EA-100 works! The first generation Dura-Ace model.

Old-school bracket, clamp on

Vintage 1960's Campagnolo 1006/A front hub by on Campagnolo fork ends

Newer quick release

Vintage hub on Campy drop-out

Meaty Panaracer tire on Ritchey makes for a comfortable ride

Vintage Cinelli stem 1A with the old logo

Newer Truvativ crank

Vintage legendary Unicanitor saddle in new cover

Vintage Belgian Weinmann Type 500 brakes

Weinmann Type 730 brake clears the big tire

A new use for vintage shifter bracket

A new use for one vintage bicycle….my personal joy ride!