Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cool Caddy

What an appropriate name it is; Golf Caddy. We all know what a caddy in the game of golf is. VW marketing guys must have pick this name out of fun or maybe pun.

The VW Golf Pickup or ‘Caddy’ is an elusive model, and it seems that there is only one in existence in this part of the world. There are sightings of a beige example and have seen it around ten years ago myself, in Project-7 Q.C.

It is a holy grail Waterwagen for one of my friends, and surely you can add it to mine. A few months ago, I was in the processes of importing one from Japan. Have a brod-in-law there to get it for me, but developments in car importation weren’t on my side. The painless importation of used vehicle from Japan, starting September 2006 was next to improbable, at least for a newbie like me.

Most likely it will come from another source, and I’ll be patiently exploring options to acquire one. I dreamt of owning this Caddy someday to load my bicycles on family trips, and this very nice diecast model of it is what I have right now.

A scale model that is becoming as rare as the real Golf Caddy.
A great companion of my white on white appealing pair of Golf Cabby.
Caddy Cabby


Anonymous said...

i love this caddy. i have few of caddy to collect and custom too

vw NB

komenda said...

Don, send the custom caddy pics, ok! that would be a sight to see.
glad you liked the silver caddy, my friend!
Happy birthday!

evil wolf said...

nice caddy!

i got a beater siku caddy, but the roof was crushed in. i just sent it as part of a trade to a fellow collector and customizer abroad.

my skills are still limited to repainting. i'm not sure if i could do a decent job restoring the crushed roof...

the golf cabrios are pretty cool! i also have a beater siku golf cabrio. the folded top cnavas is missing, though, so it's probably time to practice some molding skills with the epoxy clay. :D

komenda said...

Jol Thanks!
I want to do some customs too but lack the skills.
Check out the cool custom of Don Croxton, your crushed roof caddy can be done this way.

evil wolf said...

sayang! i don't have the caddy anymore...
i got it with some other beater siku volkswagens, including a kastenwagen! check my early blog posts, it's there. most of these beaters are still waiting to be restored. :D