Saturday, November 18, 2006

Annual Pilgrimage

It is a period of the year, much anticipated within the singular community. This is the ultimate gathering of the believers. A time of bonding built on common ground and a celebration through joyous brotherhood.

Is it the Christmas Season? Very close.
Is it a Fiesta? Sort of. Very festive. Friendly atmosphere.
Is it a Reunion? You can consider it as one. Seeing good friends again.

I started making this annual pilgrim way back a decade ago. Really can’t explain the force that’s pulling me to be there year after year. There was even a time that this celebration coincided exactly with my birthday and that really started my special day right. So will I be there three weeks from now…..d e f i n i t e l y ! See you December 10 Volkspeeps!

A preview of the VW pilgrimage....from previous gathering of the believers.

VW Parking....rows of Bugs, my Jetta and my Kid.

Line of VWs....and Komenda.

VW Fair....and my fair ladies.


manilaghia said...

Erwin, Cool pix man. Circa 2004? 2003?

komenda said...

Dennis,salamat man. The pics from 2004, except the last one from 2005. I have pics of your car on the grass area, from last years gathering!

manilaghia said...

See ya sa show men!