Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Razor Don

Customizing is a way of expressing one’s individuality in the cars we adore. It’s our stamped ID on wheels. More or less reflects who we are and our aspirations. In principle, a custom car is a deviation from the stock automobile that came from the factory run. It could be altered, improved and morphed from mild to wild. Again it’s an art of personalization with the car being the canvas.

On a much smaller canvas, the custom art has evolved to capture the creativity involved in actual cars. The canvas in this case is the miniature diecast car. If their 1:1 counterparts are labors of passion, then the 1:64 scale cars are labors of obsession.

Check these miniature masterpieces.
A Vdub treated as a “Don”, or a master. Basking in golden orange paint and shiny wheels, this VW T34 is a customizer’s delight. You can’t have this by-the-shelf, this is one of a kind.
This “Razor Don” is trailered and pampered by an equally special VW T2 Crew-cab, with custom done one-off body work.
Both feature the same color combination and style, making for a very special team.
Well, the creator of these custom diecasts, is a true master or a “Don”. He’s no other than Don Croxton, the Type3 master himself. Thanks Big Brother for these great miniatures.


manilaghia said...

'Win, I LUVS IT!!!!!

Missed you last Saturday night. There were 5 KGs in the meeting

Anonymous said...

that's me i send this to my friend to paint and chome stuff. trailer from other friend made for me but the trailer is too tight. i like other trailer. i custom some seats and wheels . i love it

komenda said...

Thanks Dens, Wow 5 KGs! That's a rare gathering Man. Been ultra biz with exports again, 3 months na. I'll definitely see you on Dec3 my friend.

komenda said...

Donald my friend, love the KG T34 you've made. It looks perfect to me! That Razor drawing is for you! You're the "Don"!