Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jagermeister MB

Back in those care-free childhood days,
I had the habit of peeling off toy car stickers.
Maybe back then, I perceived stickers were
distracting the total look of small cars.

Things have changed now with age, though
still a kid at heart, I have grown a liking to
the applied d├ęcor on diecast cars.

Taking inspiration from old-style paper
stickers on toys, I decided to relive the
good old days.

A Matchbox of recent release was splashed
with home-made printed paper stickers.

I love the old-school effect on this Bug,
and had fun doing it as well.
Plus, I adore the Jagermeister livery,
which is simple yet striking.
I didn’t know that a 1:1 exist until I posted
my 3 inch bug, and got a wonderful response,
with a pic of the Jagerbug. CooooL !


JDMike's Diecast Site said...

a jagerbug!! wow cool Erwin!!

are you gonna attend the swapmeet on the 23 at the MOA? If you are, I'll bring your VW van, I'll leave it with mcbeeper (gery) I'm not gonna stay too long there maybe form 11am to 1pm only. :)

komenda said...

Thanks Mike !
I'm looking forward to chatting with you personally. 23 is a Saturday which is weekly Office Mancomm for me. Sayang buddy, but soon we will see each other :-) Enjoy