Saturday, June 11, 2011

Of metal and plastic

Cars of yesteryears were predominantly made with metal.
Progress and evolution have made this practice not the general rule anymore.
More and more plastics of different compositions have gradually replaced metal.
Good examples are bumpers, car exteriors and interiors...and by that, it's a lot!
The engine bay hosts a lot of these plastics as well.

There also exist, parallels in small scale car miniatures.
Those Lesney Matchbox for example, has metal bases then, now they are mostly in plastic.
I guess plastic will continue to exist side by side with metal, as both have their distinct advantages when used in cars. Whatever the scale is!
I have recently been receptive of the appeal of plastics as well.
They are mainly vintage plastic cars, and I’m delighted to have broaden my horizon.
Diecast metal is a staple in my collection, but I’m open to other materials nowadays.

This pair of VW 411, illustrates the individual charm of each material.
Diecast in 1/66 by Schuco, Made in Germany
Typical of vintage diecast cars are opening features like doors,
and diecast base chassis.
Plastic in 1/64 by Stelco, Made in Germany
Typical of this vintage are the lack of interiors,
and no base chassis!
Both wonderful examples of the curious VW 411


Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

You really a huge fan of VW marque.Very interesting & unique scale 1:66 & i first to know this brand Stelco from germany.
Is only people like us who appreciate & pay attention to such fine art work.
Cheers for you !!! Congratul...


komenda said...

Hi Kin,
Yes a very huge fan :-) and it is a passion is finding this interesting pieces related to the marque.
We share the liking for this wonderful facet of the hobby :-)

danielh said...

Hi Erwin,
very interesting VW collection you've shown here.
Agree with Kin, infact it's first time to hear that Stelco Brand came from Germany.

komenda said...

Hi Danielh,
I did not know of this brand previously as well. My friend who gave me the model, shares me this link:
It is fun to know about these "exotic" brand. We don't have this is our place.

danielh said...

thanks for the link Erwin.
i saw a lot of other exotic cars!

komenda said...

I’m glad to share this with you Danielh!
Indeed there are many fascinating cars in the range :-)

Marcjan Minipassion - 1:43 said...

I love Your photos Erw. They're so sentimental! Cheers :)

komenda said...

Thanks Marc. They do capture the good old times :-) Greetz to you!

Gaucho Man said...

los hermanos brothers!
very nice pair,
the schuco is perfect for that years with opening doors, hubbed wheels and a lot of love;
the other one is more simple but has better lines, it is more professional and modern.
i am not sure if you can label it as die cast, but it is a toy indeed.

komenda said...

Hola Gaucho!
Cool brothers, well loved and must have made a lot of little faces smile :-)
The plastic one has charm like the schuco diecast. Both are from a charming simpler time.