Sunday, June 13, 2010

Garota de Ipanema

While Antonio Carlos Jobim’s ‘bossa nova masterpiece ;’The Girl From Ipanema’ enchanted the world in the mid 60’s, it had started then our appreciation too for Brazil, samba, lovely garota and football. The sports legend ‘Pele’ which is regarded as the greatest football player, cemented my awareness of Brazil!

In the automotive world in the 70’s the Philippines tried to implement its ‘Alcogas car fuel program’ during the same time that Brazil’s started their own ethanol program. The stark difference though is that our nation stopped that program in such a short time but Brazil persisted and now is regarded as the leader in Ethanol fuel. On a good note, we have recently restarted our alcogas program based on the Brazilian success story.

The 70’s also marked the height of the popularity of locally assembled CKD (completely knock-down) units of Volkswagen. These were performed by DMG Pilipinas and included among others, the VW Brasilia. A wonderful VW, that somehow has a VW411 front and a VW Golf box-hatch silhouette! It was a hit over here back then, much like Jobim’s classic bossa nova tune! The local VW outfit assembled the Brazilian-made VW Beetle, VW Passat and VW Brasilia until the early 80’s….after which operations sadly stopped. While in contrast, Brazil continues to produce VW’s to this date. Lucky for them!

Luck is pouring my way this year and among them would be getting my scale version of the VW Brasilia. ‘Obrigado’, goes to my Rio de Janeiro friend for the wonderful car!

A great memento is the literature to go with the collection. The VW Brasilia is part of a motor periodical’s celebration of the history of classic Brazilian cars.
Front of Literature

Rear of Literature


Centerfold... The Girl From Ipanema

.....Swings so cool and sways so gentle, That when she passes each one she passes goes "a-a-ah!"

Seja feliz!


Cláudio said...

I knew you'd enjoy it ... But it was love at first sight!
I am very happy seeing my friends happy!

Cláudio said...

I knew you'd enjoy it ... But it was love at first sight!
I am very happy seeing my friends happy!

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

oh my goodness!!!!!!!!

first time i've seen a brasilia in diecast form! i love this new founded treasure of yours! Its is always a treat finding those cars you grew up with made in diecast form.

this reminded me of those days when i used to hunt Isuzu Gemini's, Mitsubishi Lambdas etc.

you are one lucky guy Erwin!!

oh and i grew up with Pele also and hope they win this world cup! :-)

Custom Cars Paints by Martin Aybar said...

Hermoso carro!
Que escala es Erwin?

son faciles de conseguir alli?

Un abrazo

komenda said...

Claudio, again Obrigado my friend! This one is a keeper :-) gifts from friends are precious!

komenda said...

Hi Mike, this car is from the era we grew up! We are giving away our age :-) This car is rarely done in scale, and I'm so happy to have this in my collection.
Yes Pele is an inspiration for us all!
Thanks my friend!

komenda said...

Thanks Martin, indeed it is a charming car. The scale is around 1:40.
Glad you liked it! I love this Brasila so much that my wonderful friend got for me! I think it is easily available in Brazil, though for a limited time only :-)

danielh said...

VW brasilia, can't find the best word to describe it, all i can say is a very good piece of collection and happy for the owner too,Erwin.
agreed with JDMikes, first time seeing this in diecast form and you have a very good friend too.

komenda said...

Appreciate it Danielh :-) indeed VW Brasilia is rarely done in small scale! Happy about it being in my collection, made possible by my friend!

michael said...

very nice koyang!!!

komenda said...

I knew you'd like it Tol :-)

Jovet's Garage said...

Wow! It's my 1st time to see a Brasilia die-cast car too, congrats Erwin. What's the scale?

komenda said...

Thanks Jovet, indeed I know of just only one other Brasilia diecast car and it isn't available anymore :-) being limited to just 30pcs.

The one that my friend gave me is around 1/40

timo said...

Hi Sir, may i know hwere did you buy your die cast? i am really iterested to have one, i can't find one here in manila based hobby shops, i hope you could help me find one, thanks sir. please mail me at for any leads :D

komenda said...

The miniature is a Brazil promo for a certain period only :-) My fear is that it is over by now. I'll ask my friend. I'm awaiting another small car though but not a Brasilia :-)

Anonymous said...

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