Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Last hurrah for the summer!

It’s peculiar season again. A time when summer is about to end and the rainy days are about to set in, is upon us once more! For the weather tracker, it’s shaping to be a very unusual year; El Nino for the 1st half, La Nina for the other half! For the rest of us, the optimist kind, we’d use this period for the last leg of summer fun.

These images then come to mind; A car of your choice and a scenic camping destination thrown in.

A better image would be; A group of friends sharing the same love of cars, a breath-taking vacation escape and water-fun on blue waters!



Scratchydub said...

Nice pictures Erwin! They make me dream about leaving for a nice vacation ... ;-) Only 6 more weeks before I can finally have my main holiday of the year! Our summer, here in Europe, is only just starting.

What brand is the camping car behind the red Gof, in the first picture? I don't recognise that one. Do you have the Majorette trailer with a vintage speadboat? If not, I'll find you one! ;-)

Cheers, Maarten

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

wow those are really nice campers! btw, do you already have the black Maisto Golf w/ the white stripes and a big GTI on the hood? lmk I'm in the process of cleaning some stuff.

btw, goodbye summer, hello flooded streets once again!

komenda said...

Hi Maarten,
Thanks my friend :-)
6weeks can happen in a zip! I'm excited for you, on your Swiss trip :-) this upcoming summer!

That red camping trailer is made by Matchbox. It has a pop-up part and closes like a flat bed.
I definitely need that Majo trailer and speedboat :-) Thanks in advance!

komenda said...

Glad you liked them Mike :-)
I do have the black GTI Maisto, but definitely welcome an extra for making custom :-)

Oh no, not the floods again :-) definitely not Ondoy part 2! We'll just pray hard for just wet and wild rainy days :-)

danielh said...

i like the last pictures on the blue colour bettle with goodyear tyre marking on it, is it matchbox?

komenda said...

Danielh, that blue is a fav as well :-) it's by Matchbox!