Thursday, September 11, 2008

Team Adobo

It’s great to see that Vdub
is part of the Pinoy’s palette.
Like here in Pinas,
our love affair for VW is
distinctly flavorful.
Having experienced the
many gatherings and meet,
I’d say we Pinoys really
love our VWs with gusto.

Coming across these guys
in VW Vortex, assert these
observations even more.
Team Adobo Canada is
Vdubbin Pinoy style.
Check out their rides,
of which I drool and love
to have in my parking slot.

These rides are tasty!

Delicious pair of Jettas!

Mabuhay Team Adobo


Anonymous said...

nice very nicely done Erwin. Wait til you see pics of our tailgate gtg at the start of Fall when we'll be sportin our winter gear!!

Funny thing was that my car was actually really dirty that night.


komenda said...

Thanks Boji!
I'll be looking forward to those pics as well :)

Anonymous said...

btw...mine's the blk mk4 jetta w/the19' ADR design wheels.. Ottey sides are goin on soon!

komenda said...

Yup, I crave for that sleek black
Jetta...and those huge rims!
OETTINGER cool! There is a VW Bora in Pinas with a full Ottey body kit. The kit alone cost like the price of good 2nd hand car :)

Anonymous said...

...yeah ayo ko yoon front otteys....I prefer the VOTEX front....much cleaner...less tacky...I'd like simplicity at best thats why I chose the GLI factory clean mods as possible.....


Anonymous said...

Its barely manageable here for the wheels but its nearly impossble to use big rims and rubberband tires there in the Philippines........


komenda said...

Bad roads here made huge rims deform quite fast. I'd wish I can upgrade to larger ones, but you have to drive with care