Monday, December 05, 2011

Came Raining VW

The much anticipated annual VW day was held last weekend.
Aficionados and enthusiast alike came to celebrate…
… and so did the rains!
Nonetheless the outpour of affection for Vdubs,
wasn’t dampened at all by the downpour.

The songs of ‘The Beatles’ were playing full blast on that event!
We were literally ‘singing in the rain’. I saw some were ‘dancing’ as well!

View from the grandstand (shelter from the rains)

My fav on that day were:
 A VW T34 ‘Razor’
Pale mocha Karmann Cabrio

Australian VW buggy side by side with a VW Sakbayan,.. Military VW Thing round up the box theme!
 Pair of Fastbacks: early and late model
Green early VW T2 Kombi

Crewcab VW T1

Panel van VW T2

Showering VW style:
From parade grounds of previous show winners.
550 replica
 VW Thing

Other forms of air-cooled joined in!

Vintage scooters



JDMike's Diecast Site said...

Ohhhh those are lovely VWS Erwin!
My fav would be the Beige Karman!
its nice to see your blog once again! :-)

komenda said...

Hey Mike, it's been a while :-)
Great to hear from you again!
Greetings my friend!

Juanh said...

Komenda, hermosos VW mostrás, y con el agregado de un Porsche 550.
Todo un lujo ver estas joyas.

Vasco said...

Excellent the T34 and Cabrio Karmann !!!!!
Where was this meeting?

Very good photos. Greetings !!!!!

komenda said...

Juanh, el 550 es en realidad una réplica y muy bien hecho :-) feliz que te haya gustado.
Saludo a mi amigo! Gracias!

komenda said...

Basque, the meeting was held in The Fort, south of Manila. Glad you enjoyed the photos :-) Thanks!
Greetings and Cheers!

Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

Certainly another greatest event that you have been waiting for so long.
Good for you and the rest of the VW's enthusiats.

"Great Time".

Cheers :)


komenda said...

Hi Kin, this was an annual thing that i can't miss :-) it somehow is part of my permanent calendar of events.
a truly great time even with the downpour ;-)
Greets my friend

Gaucho Man said...

what a moment!
i love vws and it is wonderful to see all together.
my favourite is the karmann but the 550 replica was awesome too.

komenda said...

Hola Gaucho, it's a joy to hear your love for vws :-) for sure the karmann and 550replica have great followings!
Gracias amigo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erwin,

I just love that Crewcab! ;)
It looks like a nice event, despite the weather.


komenda said...

Hi Maarten,
The Crewcab looks like the series from JL :-) I too love the yellow and red combination. Rain or shine, the enthusiasts were happy to celebrate, so did I :-)
Greetz my friend!

Ayasha Kieth said...

what a great car shows, thanks for sharing those photos, those cars are very cool. and YOu look that you really enjoyed the show.

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danielh said...

Hi Erwin, i believe that you have some great time all many VWs fleet here.And my favorite are the fastback.
nice pictures.

komenda said...

HI Ayashi, glad you liked the pics :-)

komenda said...

Thanks Danielh! certainly a wonderful assortments of VW. Many looked like diecast with their attractive colors :-) like that fastback. The MB & Hw version comes to mind :-)

LEon said...

Wow lots of classy vintage cars!