Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday dream come true!

It’s a known fact that I really like VW. I’m an incurable enthusiast, collector and need I say “fanatic?” car guy. It has been my dream to have the miniature replica of my favorite 1:1 VW car that I own. If it were a VW Beetle, Bus and Golf, it would be very easy to have the small scale of any of them. But my actual car isn’t popularly modeled in scale. I can safely say it, that only one manufacturer did such model. And finally after years of yearning to find one, this holiday season brings good cheers! My good friend has sent me one, and I’m thoroughly grateful!

From Schabak of Germany, 1:43 scale.
 The VW Jetta MK2, early model version .
 I just love this color….
 ….because my 1:1 sports the same factory paint, Dupont LA1Z !
 My 1:1 VW Jetta MK2, late model version.
 Canadian version, Jetta Carat in Light Sahara Mettalic paint.
 Matching interior is also VW code named, “Sahara”
 Both Jettas are personally treasured!
Happy Holidays everyone!
Hope your dreams do come true, as mine did!
Enjoy & Cheers!


Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

Certainly VW's range of products did captured million & million of people around the globe.
Is the 3rd world's largest car manufacturer , 2nd is GM & the 1st is Toyota.
My conscious is aware that you are the most royal VW enthusiast as far as i'm concerned.
Rear & interesting piece of priceless casting & i do like the old Jetta model & photo shoot as well.

"Very Nice Post"

Cheers :)


komenda said...

Thanks Kin,
Yup :-) I'm bitten by the old school love for anything VW. Driving my Jetta makes me very happy. It is my endearing companion in many memorable events :-)
Glad your liked the post my friend!

danielh said...

while the pictures automatically loads into my screen itself as i read through your post, i guess that it could be VW Jetta, one of your favorite car.. and my guess is correct..haha..

well, it is indeed more than happy to have this replicas scales in your collection as you've the real car.Congrats to you Erwin.

Juanh said...

Muy lindo VW amigo; igual, mi favorito siempre es el Beetle.

Vasco said...

Congratulations Komenda, for the dream fulfilled.

Here, this model did not arrive, but are very popular VW. I have had a goal and the truth is it was excellent.

Today they sell: Gol, Saverio, Suran, Bora, Passat, Vento and trucks, Tiguan, Touareg and Amarok

Happy Holidays and many dreams are fulfilled.

Greetings !!!!!

Gaucho Man said...

you have a difficult car.
schabak models are very old now,
we can call them vintage.
is the 1/1 jetta yours?
it may be even more difficult to get a real car in such a good condition.
congrats for such a couple of VWs

komenda said...

Hi Danielh, This was a happy event when I finally held im my hand this little Jetta. My real Jetta has a junior already :-)

komenda said...

Gracias Juanh. Me alegro de que le gustaba tanto de mi VW. tal vez algún día tener la oportunidad de obtener un buen VW Beetle :-)
Gracias amigo!

komenda said...

Greeting Basque, I happy to know that VW new models are popular in your place. I wish they'll sell them here as well :-)
I'm really happy about the little Jetta to go along with my real Jetta.
Muchos Gracias!

komenda said...

Hello Gaucho,
Yes, the 1:1 Jetta is mine :-) I regularly use it and is in very good condition after all of these years. A wonderful cruising companion.
I agree Schabaks are nice vintage miniatures, they are not readily available here in my place. So happy that a good friend sent me this :-)cool Vw!
Greetz & Thanks

Scratchydub said...

Greetings Erwin!
Nice pics, and sweet models! ;-)
Thanks to you, I now have small scale copy of my 1:1 car, the red Civic, so I know how good it feels to have your own car in small scale! ;-)

Thanks & Cheers,

komenda said...

Hi Maarten,
Thanks my friend!
It's really great to have a miniature of the car we own :-) one of best rewards of collecting scale cars!
It's was a pleasure finding that red Civic :-)
Happy holidays and Cheers!

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

Such a lucky guy Erwin!! :-) that is one hard to find model! and your 1:1 still looks mint! :-)
Happy Holidays my friend! :-)

komenda said...

Thanks Mike! 2011 is a great year for me :-) the hobby front (scale & 1:1) included. Thanks to many good friends that appreciate them like yourself.
I'm happy that both Jettas are in wonderful condition :-)
Have a great holidays my friend and God bless!

Ayasha Kieth said...

wow, your car looks cool, I love your photos, and I'm sure that was really comfortable :)

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komenda said...

Thanks Ayasha! Appreciate it., yup it is comfortable :-)

Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

What happen to most of your guys ???

Busy with your work & family stuff ??? I guess.

Hopefully to see your next post very soon as same goes for myself as well.

I also stop for almost 2 months now.

Take care & see you again.

Thanks ,

Kin :)

komenda said...

Greetings Kin,
I've been out for month now :-)
A shift of business is taking most of my time :-)
I'll be back soon enough.
Glad to hear from you my friend!

Grzegorz (Grexik) said...

Great model!

Look in my blog:

Best regards!