Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Baddie Corvette

One of the reasons, the current Ford Fiesta is such a hit can be attributed to Jeremy Clarkson doing the famous review of it in Top Gear! A review which is witty and wildly creative. The cherry on the cake of course is this awesome segment featuring a mall chase.

I have to note Mr. Clarkson, a middle aged genius of a journalist, was in a way thinking like a teenage gearhead. Ok, at least when I’m that age, was in that same car-crazed wave length. I’d remember blasting away in our Notchback and would make a tight fast turn manoeuvre from the highway to its gravel shoulder, a dangerous teenage thrill! I can recall vividly how the little stones flew and dust engulfed the car. Ah, those were the days! Now I won’t pull that stunt again (and others that I’ve done then) definitely. But Clarkson subconsciously made a connection, and brought me back in time. Hey, it even made me get a Ford Fiesta, for crying out loud!

Now I’m aching too for some Fiesta fun :-)

Ok, so where are the Baddies?

This one? ………..wrong Corvette!

How about this?....... not so!

This?....... not even the right size :-)

Oh, well my Fiesta isn’t Lime Squeeze either!

The Good ^
The BAG :-)
& the BADDIES !

Location shoot:
First 3 pics @ my father's talyer-garage ....not a mall :-)
4th @ Mindanao Ave. Shell station night-out with drizzle!
last 2 on top of Ford Fiesta Backpack :-)


Kin said...

Hi Erwin ,

A new idea of shooting for this whole new year.

"Nice cars & pictures".


komenda said...

Hello Kin,
First of, Happy New Year to you and your family! A healthy and prosperous one :-)
It was fun taking those pics :-) Thanks appreciate it!

Gustavo said...

Nice pics !

komenda said...

Thanks Gustavo! Cheers :-)

meadows boy said...

New series of Top Gear starts here in the UK on the 23rd can't wait!

komenda said...

Good news David. Looking forward to that as well! Enjoy!

danielh said...

Happy New Year Erwin!!!

i must say that i like that corvettes collection of yours, they do really look nice and mint.

komenda said...

A prosperous New Year to you Danielh! Glad you liked them :-)Enjoy!