Thursday, May 18, 2006


Progressive service-oriented firms have an enviable advantage over run-of-the-mill companies. For whatever reasons, our clients in our local setting always opt for personalized products, and proportionately personalized service as well. As a matter of structure, our firm in particular does custom designs and then implements this concept into reality, per the customer’s wishes. And, on that count, we really deliver this kind of individualized customer service. Another advantage is that we offer clients, options to choose from. Options or variants, truly fine tune our designs in relation to what the patron requires, thus the end result uniquely satisfies their lifestyle.

I guess a variant in another language, could offer a clue to the “Power of Options”. Here’s a Type 3 Variant decked with a roof rack cum logo board. A possible option for a service crew vehicle…..a wagen…..or a wagon.....Hmmm…..maybe?

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komenda said...

Jao, glad you liked the Variant. Appreciate you're offer to link my blog to VOKS community.