Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Jetta rocks

Finally you’ve met my daily drive. Most probably you’re wondering…. is it a cool ride? Well, it is. Maybe a sort of “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”, kinda cool.
Now if you really want it to rock, I’ll tell you how.
Being an artist myself, I have high regard for individuals with creative minds….and this guy is no exception.
This Volksbuddy goes by the pseudonym, Manilaghia.
If you haven’t seen his digital VW creations, you’re missing a lot. Maybe because you’re so stiff, better try to loosen up and have time to smell the coffee....then check him out. When it comes to avatars, you’ll surely love and recognize his work. If you’re lucky enough, he’ll make you an avatar of your very own VW that rocks…. literally and figuratively.
So here is mine, hot-off-the-press from Manilaghia!

Click image to see“EJ” rockin n rollin

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